Director Special Award at The Heritage Film Festival-2015

INTACH’s documentary film, The Black Pottery of Nizamabad, has won “Director Special Award” at the Heritage film festival-2015.

The film documents the craft of Nizamabad’s black pottery, its process and creativity. INTACH’s design intervention has led to the development of black clay tiles which can be used as accent pieces or on the entire wall.

Some Reviews:

“Thank you for sharing this. It’s done beautifully. I have shared this with people who may also be interested in this.”
-Mr. Jay Thakkar from DICRC, CEPT, Ahmedabad

“I don’t think anything more could have been packed in this well thought out short film that covers various issues. Congratulations to your entire team!
This film was more than a documentary to me – it revealed to me so many aspects around this pottery.”
-Mr. Kabir Vajpeyi, Vinyas Centre for Architectural Research & Design

“I loved the movie!”
-Mr. Dvendra Contractor, Devendra Narayan Contractor Architects

“I would like to thank you for bringing up the story of such an area and art which would soon probably be considered lost.”
-Sarmistha Chatterjee, Conservation Architect

“Great work! Nicely made film. I enjoyed watching it. I hope this continues.”
-Sneha Gokhale, Architect

“Just saw the documentary and I would like to thank you for making this treasure trove available to commoners like me. I am so inspired by it that now I have a strong desire to experience this in person.”
-Sanal Nair, Co-Founder at Bagelwala, Mumbai

Inspiring, creative and worth appreciating film…Keep up the good work. !
-Ramita, CA

Click here to view the documentary.