Social Development Initiative

INTACH as part of their social development initiative has been working with artisans and women who are from economically and socially backward sections of society. It have been helping women to become financially independent by polishing their existing domestic skills of tailoring, embroidery, cooking etc so that they can convert it into a part time profession and work out of their homes.

Various social development initiatives:-

Street Scape Project, Jaisalmer- The old street character was being destroyed by insensitive construction and changes in house facades. The major focus of this project has been to integrate the modern infrastructure needs into a traditional streetscape, in an inconspicuous manner and upgrade the general environment of the street by proper conservation methods. As part of this project, INTACH has repaved the streets, cleaned house facades, storm water drains constructed and toilets have been installed in 100 houses with connections to the main sewerage lines. We are now going to begin Phase-IV.

The Arts and Crafts Centre in Jaisalmer offers three months training to 20 women at a time, in which they learn how to make bags, towels, garments and traditional fabrics which they can market individually or to organizations.

The Spice Centre at Jaisalmer provides training in pickle-papadom making. Like cutting and tailoring, pickle-papadom making is another area where most women already possess the knowledge and the skills. These skills have simply to be channeled in a manner so as to convert a domestic activity into an economic one.

The Children’s Library at the Jaisalmer Fort, not only provides the children residing in the Fort an opportunity to spend their spare time profitably, but also gives computer training to young boys and girls.

Theatre Workshops, Street Plays etc. are held periodically to help preserve the local forms of music, dance and theatre and capture the interest of the younger generation.

All these projects establish a critical link between INTACH and the community in which it undertakes its work. They also serve to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the region.