Exhibitions & Documentary Films

The exhibition showcasing the magnificence of India’s heritage from ancient times till today was a part of “Europalia Exhibition” in Brussles in November 2013. The exhibition since then been presented in various cities in India.

An exhibition focusing on the Conservation Initiatives of INTACH during the last 30 years formed part of the AR&PA 9th International Congress 2014 held from 13th to 16th November in Valladolid, Spain.

I. INTACH in association with DMRC has mounted permanent photographic exhibitions at the Green Park Metro station and Jor Bagh Metro Station. Through a collection of unique photographs, line drawings and small installations, the exhibitions bring to life the richness and splendour of the heritage sites surrounding the Metro Stations.

II. The Documentary Film Black Pottery of Nizamabad relates the story of a craft that is a wonderful amalgamation of concept, design and execution.

III. The Documentary Film Jaisalmer – Stories set in Stone is a tribute to the wonderful skills of the craftspeople of Jaisalmer and the entire community whose creative spirit makes Jaisalmer what it is.

IV. The Documentary Film The Story of Chanderi offers a window into a place that is deeply connected to its social, cultural, and natural environment.